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The Full Story

Delta Star's
IEEE Tradeshow Booth
LED Screens

Each year, Delta Star visits an energy & power-based tradeshow out of state where their goal is to push the limits on tradeshow booths, bringing spectacular showmanship and overall quality to their space, making their brand front-and-center. Compel Media was tasked to help them accomplish this with via their new LED screens.

Booth Rendering-4.jpg

Large Scale Parameters

Delta Star decided to use two large-scale LED screens that flanked their tradeshow booth to better display their brand and messaging. Because of the fast-paced nature of tradeshows, the creative brief called for nothing less than attention-grabbing content.

Additional Agencies
in Play

Not only were we working with Delta Star's marketing team, but their tradeshow booth display that gave us strict display parameters to show off the content on each LED screen. We collaborated back and forth to ensure highest quality!

Booth Rendering 1.jpg

Success on the Showroom Floor

Delta Star had a great show this year at IEEE, in no small part due to their amazing and oversized LED screens. We enjoyed helping Delta Star show off what they do best as we catapulted their brand and services to the larger audience at the tradeshow.

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