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Our Story...Your Success

Since 1999

Looking for elite video content that will elevate your brand and give you the ultimate experience at a great price?

You've come to the right place.

For over 20 years, Kyle Justice, founder Compel Media, has helped leading companies across the globe build their brand and their influence through:

  • video production

  • content development

  • web design

  • social media strategy

Kyle along with his expert creative team, bring their years of expertise and experience to table while developing the perfect content to match a client or brands go to market strategy.

About Us

Video Editing Keyboard

Digital Storytelling is Now

Compel Media started 20 years ago with a dream to help clients tell their story.  It has become a marketing powerhouse, helping to guide clients across the nation in producing strategic content. 

The Team

Kyle Justice

Kyle is an Emmy-nominated television producer for documentary, live action, and extreme sports.  He founded Compel Media over 20 years ago to serve clients by telling great stories in their customer's lifecycle.

Summer Headshot.jpg
Summer Roy

Summer is one of Compel's top editors. She brings a fresh and creative eye to each project, weaving together the client's story from start to finish with a touch of magic.

Jesse Hostetler
Graphic Artist Lead

Jesse joined our team because

he is a master graphic artist

helping our clients to create

animations, illustrations,

and infographics.

Video Editing Keyboard
+ a team of highly skilled Mavericks

Each project comes with its own specialized needs, and with those come a team of dozens of creatives with specialized skills to help get the job done.

Interested in joining? Email us at

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